Pioneering approach

The pioneering approach of MCS is directed towards both high-quality and durable corrosion protection as well as the internal production process. Our privately developed robots and machines not only ensure a high production rate and the best quality, but also result in less physical strain and more variety for our workforce.

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MCS protects your investment

Steel is a strong, flexible and easy to produce construction material with only one large disadvantage: it rusts. We make use of the most innovative techniques to protect steel constructions from corrosion. With attention to durability, safety and corporate social responsibility, MCS works on prominent projects in many sectors, including the offshore industry, civil engineering and petrochemistry.

Pieces of 48 m length have been treated by us with TSA for SHELL and are transported by water from our quay.


As a result of the heat produced in the event of a fire, a steel construction can lose its stability and collapse. MCS therefore employs advanced fireproofing techniques. With the use of special passive fire protection coatings, the construction is protected for at least 30 minutes and up to two hours, long enough for a safe evacuation.

Valemon Jacket

TSA finished on Nexen Golden Eagle Jacket

Frames Hollandia

A bunch of nicely coated pipes for Australia

TSA introduction

Corrosion protection

Protection against rust comprises two aspects: surface pre-treatment and the appliance of a protective coating that seals the surface. Every type of corrosion protection and pre-treatment procedure has different qualities and advantages. We will be happy to help you decide on the best option.

TSA properties

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