The pillars of DCS

MCS takes on both small and large assignments and has a preference for inventive projects that demand new solutions and an innovative approach. These projects exemplify our roots in the offshore industry. After all, protecting offshore production platforms that are the size of a small city from salty seawater, which accelerates corrosion rates tremendously, is still one of the pillars of MCS.

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An extraordinary project in The Hague city centre. The light rail flyover on Beatrixlaan is commonly known as the ‘Netkous’ (fishnet stocking), an understandable name given the shape of the construction.

Our projects

Large and well-known structures that MCS has worked on include:

  • the Erasmusbrug on Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam
  • the Netkous, the light rail flyover along Prinses Beatrixlaan in The Hague
  • the floodgates at Krimpen aan den IJssel

In addition to these large projects, MCS also happily takes on small assignments from the local steel manufacturer.

Floodgates at Krimpen aan den IJssel

MCS contributed towards the renovation of the oldest part of the Delta Works.

Dolwin Alpha Living Quarters

Dolwin Alpha workforce accommodation


Due to its unique shape, the Erasmusbrug is nicknamed ‘The Swan’ and links the Kop van Zuid district to Rotterdam city centre. It is probably the most famous bridge in the Netherlands.

The offshore industry is one of the pillars of MCS